Vast Experience in Wind Measurement Mast Manufacturing and Installation

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Wind Measurement Mast Manufacturing

Directly in different quantities in line with customer demand,
we serve in the country and abroad with our designs.

Our designs in accordance with IEC 61400-12-1 standards, TS 648
and TS 498 standards.

Our mast designs up to 130 meters with static reports
available together.


Wind Measurement Mast Installation and Dismantling

We provide services with our experienced staff in the installation and dismentleof all kinds of masts both abroad and domestically.


Wind Measurement Mast Maintenace

Maintenance such as replacement of defective devices of existing masts, device calibration, adjustment of guy wires
services are among the services we provide.

Special or periodic maintenance of the existing masts is done by us.



We have been one of the players in this sector with high standards since 2014. As a "wind measurement mast manufacturing and installation" company based on İzmir/TÜRKİYE, which continues on its way with years of vast experience, we continue to improve our applications day by day. We serve local and global companies with high precision and care.








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